J. T. Trevors

Chance and Necessity Do Not Explain the Origin of Life

J. T. Trevors and D. L. Abel, Cell Biology International: 28, 2004, p729-739.

The argument for abiogenesis "simply says it happened. As such, it is nothing more than blind belief. Science must provide rational theoretical mechanism, empirical support, prediction fulfillment, or some combination of these three. If none of these three are available, science should reconsider that molecular evolution of genetic cybernetics is a proven fact and press forward with new research approaches which are not obvious at this time. "

"Peer-reviewed life-origin literature presupposes that, given enough time, genetic instructions arose via natural events. Thus far, no paper has provided a plausible mechanism for natural-process algorithm-writing... Both the semantics [meaning] and syntax [grammar rules] of codonic language must translate into appropriate semantics and syntax of protein language. That symbolization must then translate into the 'language' of three-dimensional conformation via minimum-free-energy folding [for a stable protein]. No combination of the four known forces of physics can account for such conceptual relationships. Symbolism and encryptation/decryptation are employed. Codons represent functional meaning only when the individual amino acids they prescribe are linked together in a certain order using a different language. Yet the individual amino acids do not directly react physicochemically with each triplet codon. Even after a linear digital sequence is created in a new language, 'meaning' is realized at the destination only upon folding and lock-and-key binding."

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