Christian de Duve

Nobel Laureate

Life Evolving

New York: Oxford University Press, 2002

"Scientific enquiry rests upon the notion that all manifestations in the universe are explainable in natural terms, without supernatural intervention. Strictly speaking, this notion is not an a priori philosophical stand or profession of belief. It is a postulate, a working hypothesis that we should be prepared to abandon if faced with facts that defy every attempt at rational explanation. Many scientists, however, do not bother to make this distinction, tacitly extrapolating from hypothesis to affirmation. They are perfectly happy with the explanations provided by science. Like Laplace, they have no need for the 'God hypothesis' and equate the scientific attitude with agnosticism, if not with outright atheism. " p. 284.

Blueprint for a Cell

Neil Patterson, 1991

Theories of prebiotic natural selection "need information which implies they have to presuppose what is to be explained in the first place."p187

Cited by Meyer on p179 of "Return of the God Hypothesis

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