Francis Collins

Head of human genome project, head of NIH

The Language of God

New York, The Free Press, 2006

"Science is powerless to answer questions such as 'Why did the universe come into being?', 'What is the meaning of human existence?', 'What happens after we die?'" p31

"It is crucial that a healthy scepticism be applied when interpreting potentially miraculous events, lest the integrity and rationality of the religious perspective be brought into question. The only thing that will kill the possibility of miracles more quickly than a committed materialism is the claiming of miracle status for everyday events for which natural explanations are readily at hand." p 51-52 (I see the parallel between this and Augustine's reserve, so I think of it as "Collins' reserve". It is cited by Lennox in God's Undertaker , p193, as a caution against calling everything a miracle.)

Evidence from nature Is the universe designed?
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