Trip Across Florida by Lake Okeechobee

July 30, 2001

We had stopped to have a closer look at the cane fields and orange groves when this crop duster plane showed up and made numerous passes over a large cane field. The composite below tries to capture a little of the feel of his looping passes in both directions over the large cane field.
We explored the south end of Lake Okeechobee and went out on a little peninsula west of Belle Glade. At left is a view of a waterway from a drawbridge over one of the approaches to the lake.

A pair of eagle-like birds which I took to be ospreys were circling the area. The airboat shown below was coming through on the mirror-smooth water.

On the way to the peninsula was a tractor disking some very black dirt. We were amused to see the white egrets following so closely behind the tractor to pick up any insects they could find.

We reached the Santa Barbara Resort in Pompano Beach in early afternoon and were impressed with the view of the ocean from our unit on the 6th floor. The ocean views are on either side of the high-rise units at left which are across the street on the beach. The views were nice as we ate supper. The canal and boat dock at the back of the Santa Barbara are shown at right.

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