Christmas to the Cross

From the time when visitors entered the gates of Bethlehem, they were taken on a tour of major events in the life of Jesus. Visitors in groups of up to 20 were guided by a host, a resident of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth. In robes of mourning, the hosts told a personal story. Annette Avery and Bud Durand were two of the hosts.

Jennifer Ridgway and Pam York were hosts for "Christmas to the Cross". The rough count was about 200 on Friday night, about 325 on Saturday and over 350 on Sunday night. On Sunday night it seemed to be continuous, on a beautiful clear moonlit night.

Rod Nave was a host on Friday and Saturday night, then became a part of the cheering crowd at Jerusalem.

I didn't get a proper picture of Elaine Ridgway in her host robe, but she was undoubtedly the most thrilled and caught up in the majesty of this story. She led the whole village on the last tour on Sunday night and stood before the open tomb with arms raised "He is alive!!". Praise the Lord.

To the gates of Bethlehem

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