Christmas to the Cross

The great gates of the city of Bethlehem are closely gaurded tonight because of the mass of people who have come for the tax registration.

From the time when visitors entered the gates of Bethlehem, they were taken on a tour of major events in the life of Jesus. Visitors in groups of up to 20 were guided by a host, a resident of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, who told a personal story.

Images of the journey
from nightshot camera.
Hosts for the journey
Visit of the Magi

The fabric shop

The candle shop

The basket shop

The bread shop

The Innkeeper seems in a better mood than when he delivered his grumpy "No room at the inn" lines.

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With a fine bunch of shepherds like this, who worries about the sheep? A couple of sheep can be seen behind them, and there were also goats and llamas.

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