Christmas to the Cross

Tucker portrays the 2 yr old Jesus, awaiting the visit of the Magi. Parents Amy and Sam keep watch. Tucker seemed to enjoy everything, as did the other young children who participated in the process.

From the time when visitors entered the gates of Bethlehem, they were taken on a tour of major events in the life of Jesus. Visitors in groups of up to 20 were guided by a host, a resident of Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, who told a personal story.

These magi had llamas rather than camels, but I guess that's close enough. They were well received by the young Jesus.

Alex Ayres is a young carpenter, who along with his father Chip and younger brother Tyler manned the carpenter shop all three nights of Christmas to the Cross. Alex wielded a mean bowsaw, but never seemed to saw through that log. The carpenter shop where Jesus began to learn the trade of his father Joseph was an important stop in the story.

The healing of a blind man, a cripple and a leper were part of the three year public ministry of Jesus. Johnny Huffman, Jason Anderson and Ruth Floyd celebrate these healing miracles.

Pat Peal tells the story of woman who was healed upon touching the hem of Jesus' garment.

Jesus raised a little girl from the dead and returned her to her parents! Laura and Elizabeth Hill and Jon Rowland witness to this miracle. The young girls were wonderful in this role. Elizabeth exclaimed "It's a miracle. Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus!" after the parents told the story of the miracle. Kristina Caldwell was also amazing in this role, exclaiming "He's a miracle worker!" The spontaneous joy of all the children involved in Christmas to the Cross was one of the greatest blessings to me.

The palm-waving crowd welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem.

Brenda and Rod were part of the crowd on Sunday night. Brenda and Ray Collier, Jr. worked with the crowd all three nights. Rod was a host on Friday and Saturday night.

The chief priests conspired to have Jesus put to death at the time of Passover. Larry Owenby, Richard Peal and Michael Scarbro make it convincing.

Pilate strikes a regal pose here, but then decides to wash his hands of the whole thing. Ken Hunter takes the role this night, sharing it with Keith Weaver on other nights.

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