At Pompano Beach, Florida

August 2-9, 2002

Brenda and Rod joined Jeff, Darla, Ashleigh and Jordan at the Fairfield Royal Vista Resort in Pompano Beach for an enjoyable week at the beach. Brenda and Rod had made the trip from Atlanta to Cape Coral on the west coast of Florida to visit Roger and Denise. We celebrated Denise's birthday by going out to a favorite seafood restaurant, the Matlache Oyster House. They always have to re-aquaint us with how to pronounce the name of the small island, mat' - le - shay'. Jeff and family made the trek from New Orleans and stopped to visit friend Lisa in Orlando. We all arrived at the Royal Vista on Friday afternoon and settled in to a nice two-bedroom suite overlooking the ocean. At left is the view from our balcony toward the Atlantic.

It was unique for us to be staying in view of the sea. We could look out to the horizon and see the freighters moving off the coast in the shipping lanes.

We were excited to get to see Jeff and Darla and the girls and to begin the process of settling into our accommodations for the week. This was our first meal together at Pompano.

Jordan tries on Jeff's small flippers, which are still way too large for her. We prepare for our first trip down to the beach.

After having dinner, it was about sunset when we finally made it to the beach. Ashleigh plunged right in with Jeff, but Jordan was a little more tentative. They were both very excited about being at the beach.

Ashleigh enjoyed being out in the surf with Jeff, practicing going under water and even riding Jeff's back when he dived under the surf.

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