A Week at Pompano Beach

August 2-9, 2002

August 2

Arriving at Pompano

Brenda and Rod drove in from Atlanta, and Jeff and family arrived from New Orleans.

August 3

On the Beach!

August 4

Off to Church!

August 5

Fun in the Surf

We had breakfast together, and played in the surf. Lunch at internet cafe.

August 6

Jordan's Birthday!

Playtime at the beach and pool in the morning, then a birthday party in the afternoon. Celebration with Clifford and an animal show.

August 7

More Beach Fun

Rod and Jeff snorkeling, burying Ashleigh in the sand, and a major sand castle project.

August 8,9

Riding the Waves

More snorkeling, riding storm waves, playing in the pool brought our week to a close.

Family gatherings

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