At Pompano Beach, Florida

August 8, 2002

On our final full day at Pompano Beach, Rod and Jeff head out again to snorkel to the Pompano Dropoff.

We had become accustomed to the sights and sounds of the beach area, and renewed our understanding of why people love the sea.

Jeff took Jordan down to the pool which was just below our balcony. At right Jeff is pointing out to Jordan that we are watching her from the balcony.

Jordan loved going to the bottom of the pool. "I want to touch the bottom with my feet!" Jeff takes her all the way to the bottom in at least 5 feet of water.

As soon as she would get up and take a breath, she would say "I want to do it again!" She enjoyed this special time at the pool, hanging onto Daddy as he swam her around the pool.

August 9, 2002

As the reflection shows, Brenda was up at the crack of dawn, fixing coffee on our last day at Pompano Beach. The pink clouds in the east lighten as sunrise approaches.

The sunrise over the water was dramatic! A rare occasion for us to spend enough time in view of the ocean to catch such moments.

As the sky grew brighter, the ocean glittered with the yellow- orange light.

It was like all of nature joined in the celebration. Praise the Lord for the beauty of the creation, and for the love of family! Amen.

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