Thanksgiving 2002

Our reasons for being thankful were as abundant as the food. Not knowing how many family members we could gather this year, we were very pleased with who was able to come. Standing at back Jeff, Darla, Wesley, Stacy holding little Jordan, Denise and Sherry. Denise and Roger had surprised us all by driving from Cape Coral, Florida and Sherry had come down from Bent Tree. Wesley had been able to get off work and was also able to come. So we had a great time and had food enough for a sizable army.

Grandpa Rod and Grandma Brenda got to hold Ashleigh. Below, Stacy and Marie were able to join us, with Ashleigh and Jordan looking super cute between them.

Maybe we deprived the children. Ashleigh has only this tiny drumstick.

Jordan seems likewise deprived. Her setting is an interesting play of the sunlight coming in the windows.

Jordan and Ashleigh with Brenda on our trip to Bent Tree on Friday of Thanksgiving week.

Christmas to the Cross

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