Devil's Lake State Park

August 14, 2003

We took our lunch and drove down to Baraboo and the Devil's Lake State Park. It was a quiet and relaxed setting around a lake trapped between two bluffs. There were stories about its origin in upthrusts of quartzite rock and glacial action, so there was a lot of geology surrounding its origin. But in the experiencing, it was a pleasant opportunity to observe a community park, with people of all ages, sizes and descriptions enjoying a day at the lake. There were canoes, sailboats, kyaks, rowboats, and a lot of kids swimming and playing in the water.

A railroad track ran at the base of the east bluff as seen above left. A road ran along the lake at the foot of the west bluff. The view above right is toward the west bluff. There were a lot of walking trails.

We drove around to the south end of the lake and could look back north to where we had entered the park. We just read and relaxed and watched the recreational activities on the lake. It was a pleasant, relaxing time.

Ashleigh off to school

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