Nave Family Gathering in Newport

October 24-25, 2003

Since Wanda and Charles were going to be in Newport, Arkansas, Brenda and Rod took a flight to Memphis on October 24 and rented a car to drive to Newport. Philippe and Mary Sue came in from Cleveland, TN so we had four of the five Nave siblings together.

We joked about this being the most natural place to get us together, at the dinner table.

We gathered at Suzanne and Bobby's and took the opportunity to get pictures of the four of us together: Phillipe from Cleveland, TN, Wanda from Dunnigan, CA, Dorothy from the old homeplace there, and Rod from Atlanta, GA area.

There was a lot of sharing of pictures of grandchildren. Rod has a new laptop, and is showing Wanda pictures from the Nave family album.

We just relaxed and sat around and talked. Philippe and Dorothy are shelling pecans, Rod is scanning photographs from one of the family albums. We just had a great time of fellowship.

Brent and Mandi came over and we got to play with Garrett and young Eli.

Mandi and Mary Sue get together to share photos. It wasn't long before the guys were down in the floor playing Monopoly.

It was good to get together with Charles and Wanda. We don't get to see them very often - its a long way to California.

Suzanne was a gracious hostess, letting this crowd take over her house for the weekend. Shirley came in and joined the celebration.

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