RAs at the Waterfall

September 13, 2003

The pool at the bottom of the waterfall has become a favorite place for the RAs when they make the t rip to Bent Tree. Jumping off the cliff into the deep pool is an exciting adventure. When they mount the courage to jump, there is an exhilirated expression when they come up, like "I survived, Praise the Lord!"

Mitchell Brice at left above is now a veteran of this swimming hole.

This is initiation time for Joe Lineberry, who has just joined us as an RA leader and is on his first trip with us. He seemed to enjoy it just like the boys did. He jumped right in as fishing coach.

Johnny up on the cliff with Jeff.

Michael York plunges in from the cliff and still doesn't touch bottom. Michael has joined us as an RA leader in the Crusader group along with Darren Anderson.

Joseph York goes in with a "can-opener" and gets a satisfyingly large splash.

Brandon gets a very artistic splash on this one and comes up with a big smile.

Finally Rod could stand it no longer and handed the camera to Johnny for a while to join in on the fun.

On the face of it, it does seem a little crazy for a 64-year old man to be diving off cliffs. Maybe its the fact that working with RAs keeps you young? Then again, it's probably just a crazy old man!

Mitchell takes the high dive from the cliff into the pool.

The pool at the bottom of the waterfall had a small area of rapids at the shallow end of the pool where the boys enjoyed playing. At the waterfall there was a ledge where you could walk behind the falls.

The challenge of the waterfall
Joe Lineberry as fishing coach

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