RAs at the Waterfall

September 13, 2003

Brandon and Drew head for the base of the waterfall. There was a narrow ledge behind it so that they could climb in behind the falls.

Johnny Huffman and Mitchell Brice head for the waterfall. Michael York helped us watch the boys in the rough water, and here makes sure Brandon gets safely back.

Drew and Brandon were good swimmers and fearless explorers. They were great buddies for the day and explored every inch of the waterfall pool and rapids.

Johnny, Brandon, Brandon and Drew head for the waterfall. Drew pops out of the fall after plunging through it.

Brandon and Drew pop out in the rough water below the waterfall. Johnny and Michael stay close by to watch the boys in the falls.

The two Brandons and Drew have a great time climbing through the waterfall and plunging into the churning water.

Brandon takes another daring leap into midair. He and Drew take one more trip through the waterfall and emerge into the rough water downstream.

Joseph York takes on the waterfall and plows through its full force.

The challenge of the cliff
Joe Lineberry as fishing coach

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