Visit to Destin, Florida

December 20-23, 2004

We drove over to Destin from Pearl River for a couple of days.

Tuesday, Dec 21 was sunny and cool and we enjoyed walking on the beach with the sunlight on the waves.

A family was having fun feeding the gulls on the beach and they were just hovering against the blue sky.

Brenda found a sandman someone had made just at the edge of the lapping waves of the incoming tide. The fact that he was shaped like a snowman was probably someone's reflection on how cold the weather is today.

The precarious situation of the creative sandman was cause for reflection.

By Wednesday, December 22, the weather had changed dramatically as a powerful front had moved through. Brenda is in pouring rain with pounding surf behind her.

Brenda on our balcony, from which we could watch the surf and the rapidly changing weather.

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