RAs to Amicalolo Falls

November 6, 2004

The RAs from Mableton First Baptist on the steps leading to the top of Amicalola Falls. L-R Alex, Ron Callihan, Mitchell Brice, Michael Callihan, Chase, Jonathan Jones, Andrew Brice, Johnny Huffman.

We stopped at the pumpkin place near Amicalola Falls to take in the sight of hundreds of pumpkins. Andrew Brice's bright red hair is an interesting contrast to the pumpkin orange.

One our main motivations was to put the boys in places where they might see the intricacy of God's handiwork in nature. We try for the "wilderness illusion", to find places where they can focus on scenes where there is nothing man-made. The hope is that they will reverence the beauty and symmetry and reflect upon the Creator.

RA November campout

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