RAs Camping at Bent Tree

November 12-13, 2004

This is our group shot on the dam at the end of our fall campout. Boys front row: Andrew Brice, Corey, Chase, Mitchell Brice, Michael Callihan, JJ. Boys second row: James Anderson, Tyler Ayres, Kevin Lopez, Stephen Vineyard, Alex. Back row: Al Vineyard, Javier Lopez, Johnny Huffman, Ron Callihan.

It had poured rain the past two days, but cleared just enough for us to launch up to the Bent Tree Campground and pitch our tents without rain. We pitched our two big RA tents and then there were three other smaller tents.

Despite non-ideal conditions on this foggy night, two factors contributed to making it a relaxing and fun evening. First, all the men pitched in and did all the necessary tasks with a good spirit - we had the tents up, the campfiire started, the grill underway and supper in the making within less than an hour. The other factor was that the boys just enjoy anything once they are outside, and are delighted anytime they can be around a campfire.

Rod hands a hotdog to Chase and the hotdog cooking is underway. The night was mild and a little foggy, but nothing dampened the spirits of the boys around the fire.

The boys settled pretty quickly and we had an uneventful night. They were up about 6:30 and back around the campfire.

The boys were excited to be able to roast marshmallows over the fire. The fire pretty well mesmerizes them, so we don't have to worry too much about entertaining them. They did race around the woods and got muddy, but that was certainly to be expedted.

We broke camp a little after 7am to head up to the house for breakfast.

We walked the campground to make sure it was clean before heading out. We saw turkeys and deer on the way to the house.

The boys gathered around the ping pong table as we organized for breakfast.

Johnny and Rod serve biscuits and bacon.

Jason and Ron served eggs and grits and the boys were soon well fed. Thanks to Brenda, Sherry and Denise for cooking a great breakfast.

After getting the boys fed, the men sat down and polished off everything else.

The boys played a little more ping pong while we waited for the rain to stop. But it didn't look promising for a hike up the mountain, so we headed for the dam and spillway.

It was cloudy at the lake, but at least it was not raining like it was up on the mountain.

Chase and Cory enjoy throwing rocks in the rain-swollen stream.

Our familiar waterfall and pool had been drastically changed by the torrent of water associated with the hurricane this fall. Much of the rock dam that held the pool had been washed away.

The guys gathered at the edge to watch the dramatically increased flow over the spillway.

Playing along the stream to the spillway or just clowning around together here, the boys could make a fun time out of just about anything.

Thanksgiving in Pearl River

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