RAs to Stone Mountain

October 2, 2004

We took it easy on the top for a few minutes and had some more water. We could see the lake in the mist below us.

We watched the cable cars come and go and wandered about the top of the mountain. There were some small trees and lichens and moss on the rock surface. It was interesting to see the way the surface popped off in places, and formed holes in other places.

Chase had a great time jumping on the rocks. It was like he had springs in his feet.

Alex and Chase pretend to be holding up the rock ledge over Michael.

Boys can always find something to entertain themselves with. Chase and Michael still had enough energy to climb a tree as we neared the bottom of the mountain. We then went to the picnic area and had our traditional lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, followed by Brenda's brownies of course.

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