Trip to Warm Springs to Visit Mark

October 16, 2004

We drove to Warm Springs, GA to visit Mark on the set of the FDR movie. He was working on this house, the McCartney Cottage, where FDR stayed in Warm Springs before the construction of the Little White House.

Construction was in full swing on this last day of regular construction before the shoot starts on Monday. Mark and his crew had build this portch and this shed on the back of the house as well as paneled walls and ceiling in the house.

They had torn out a breezeway leading to the part of the house at left and had paneled a drywall ceiling to restore the cottage to more like its 1930's appearance.

Mike, Dan and Mark are on the final day of construction after having finished the paneling shown center above, the outside construction and the ceiling. The set dressing was in full swing with tables of artifacts collected for furnishing the cabin.

The Warm Springs pools had been painted, refurbished and filled for the filmng of the FDR movie.

The large double-pool area had what might have been dressing rooms on the side. The painters were working hard to get that ready for the shoot. The awning is new, part of the construction done by Mark's crew in preparation for the movie.

Mark's crew built this bridge for the movie. The base of it looks like concrete, but they used monster board and painted it to look like a solid concrete base.

Brenda mirrored in the far side of the pool. These surfaces had been painted to look weathered by the paint crew. When they got there everything was gleaming white. Later in the afternoon Mark got to swim in the pool to make some measurements for the Art Director. The Ranger on site told Mark he had made history as the first person ever to be paid for swimming in the pool.

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