Pool below the Rock Bridge, Sequoia

August 5, 2004

On the way to see the big trees, we noted this neat rock bridge in a sharp elbow of the mountain road and Jeff was keen on stopping to see it on the way back.

It turned out to be a very neat place. Jeff found a way down to the rock streambed and we found a way to get the girls down to it.

The stream flowed over solid rock. It was small, but you could envision raging torrents coming down that steep slope in the spring.

The stream over the rock was shallow but very slippery. Jeff helps the girls ford it.

They worked their way down the stream to the wonderfully clear pools you could see down below.

On the little stream was an idyllic clear pool, one of God's beautiful moving sculptures. It was a joy to just watch the gentle movement of the water through the pool.

Once you have found such clear pools, the obvious thing to do is try them out. The water is cold, but Ashleigh wades out into it. Jordan is not far behind.

Jordan and Ashleigh were delighted to be able to play in the lovely clear pools below the stone bridge.

For an unheralded place that we might have completely missed driving by, this turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the day.

After a fun session of exploring the rocks and pools, Jordan, Ashleigh and Darla climb back to the road where the car was parked. At over 7000 feet altitude, you could feel the climb more than usual.

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