Sequoia National Park

August 5, 2004

We drove to the realm of the tree named "General Sherman". This tree holds the distinction of being the largest living thing in the world. Darla, Ashleigh and Jordan are shown at the base of the tree.

At left above is the top of the General Sherman. One of the many remarkable things about it is that it maintains almost its base size for a large distance into the air. At right are some of the other large sequoias in the area around the General Sherman.

Ashleigh and Jordan explore the tunnel log near the General Sherman. Then we drove to the area of the museum where there were some trees that seemed to be taller and more slender.

We took a walk around the Round Meadow, ringed by tall sequoias. There was discussion about the formation of the meadows in areas that were too wet for the sequoias to grow. The conditions required for the magnificent sequoias constitute a very narrow range of allowable values.

Jeff found a hollow log so large that Darla and Ashleigh could fit through it together.

And now for the wierd and wonderful department. A tree gives birth to a rock at left, and Ashleigh stands in the fork of a huge slingshot, complete with rock for ammunition.

I had expected to take more closeup pictures on the meadow walks, but conditions were so dry that there weren't many wildflowers in bloom. Those we found were certainly appreciated.

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