Nashville Trip

Thursday, November 30, 2006

On the last night of the Nashville trip, after visits to the "Ice" exhibit and the Christmas Show, we gathered for the evening meal together. It's always good to share new experiences with friends, and particularly those friends with whom we have been on mission trips and other activities with the church. This has been a relaxing and fun trip, and now on the last night we gather at the "Cock of the Walk" for dinner together.

Richard and Pat Peal, Joan Melton, Marion Presser, Evelyn Price, Sara Payne, Ruth Floyd on left side. Rod Nave, with Max and Anita hidden, then Evelyn and Sam Davis and Earl , our bus driver. Special kudos to Earl, who was super. We could just relax and enjoy the ride, and he was always prompt and helpful.
Sue Polk, Carolyn West, Tim and Debbie Childers, Betty Barnes, Jean Floyd.

Pat and Ruth are pretty good clowns even without the clown outfits they have used so effectively in ministry to children and adults over the years. We all got a little silly with the huge rocking chair in the Cock of the Walk. By this time in the trip, we were all relaxed with each other and had a great time laughing with each other.

Sue and Carolyn and Rod and Brenda take turns in the big rocking chair. They had a collection of strange and unique rocking chairs, a couple of which rocked sideways!

Join Tim and Debbie on a trip and be a kid again!

OK, we are soliciting titles for this picture. Many thanks for Debbie and Tim for organizing, planning, and coming along to enjoy this trip with us.

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