Elyse's Birthday Celebration

December 28, 2007

Elyse's birthday is on December 26, but we waited until Friday, Dec 28 to celebrate it. Cousins Lindsey and Bethany at the table with Jordan and Elyse.
After supper the kids had a great time playing games with Jonathan.

Elyse gets a gentle ride from Jonathan, but Jeff and Jonathan send Jordan flying. Then the whole group of kids line up for Jeff to hand them over to Jonathan.

All the kids are lined up to be tossed over the couch by Jonathan. The amount of fun and laughter they had in this process was simply amazing and delightful. The eight grandkids from age 3 to 16 just had a marvelous time together.

They finally got around to opening gifts. Again I was amazed at how well they all cooperated and got along. They all celebrated with Elyse.

Now comes the cake part of this Micky Mouse-themed birthday party.
The candles are lit and Elyse prepares to blow them out. Then the adults can get into the act with some cake and ice cream.
One of Elyse's gifts was a nice book and Diane sat down with her to read it to her. Then she found herself with a lap full of kids.

Elyse enlists the help of her two grandmothers to help her dress her two new dolls. Well, that's not exactly the whole story. Elyse got the dolls and promptly stripped all their clothes off. And the two grandmothers are working to get them back dressed again.

One of Elyse's gifts was a swinging chair for her dolls. Jonathan is busy assembling it, with Caleb's assistance.

Elyse was appreciative and put her two dolls right in the swing.

All the adults seemed to enjoy just watching and taking part with the kids.

Along with this gift came help in putting it together. Neighbor-to-be and church co-worker Carrie patiently worked with Elyse to get everything in place.

We returned to Abita Springs for our final night there and returned to Jeff and Darla's for a fine pancake breakfast and one final bike ride before we hit the road back toward Atlanta.

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