Christmas Day

December 25, 2009

We drove over from Abita Springs to Jeff's house to join them for the giving of Christmas stockings. They have made special stockings for each of them to hang on the mantle.

We enjoyed the family time around the Christmas tree. Darla and Elyse examine a new ornament for the tree.

The girls open American Girl gifts above as we continue that Christmas tradition. At right Elyse enjoys a little alligator that Grandma had picked up at the Bayou store.

The girls show off their well-dressed dolls.

Elyse watches as Darla and Jeff open some presents.

George and Carrie drop by from their new home across the street and bring gifts of stuffed animals for the girls.

Christmas at the Moyles

About mid-morning we all headed over to the Moyles for the traditional family Christmas gathering. We have been privileged to join it for about ten years now and really enjoy the occasion. We have brunch and then open gifts,play games, etc.

Caleb brought his remote-controlled helicopter, and everyone had a ball playing with it and watching it. It was very sturdy, and although reminding you of a large housefly, it flew well and survived all the impacts. Elyse and Jordan are at left, Jeff Moyle is controlling the helicopter and his daughters Lindsey (floor) and Bethany watch. Robby and Caleb generously let everyone have a turn at flying.

At right, Caleb shows that he can operate the helicopter really well, and the girls are delighted when he makes it hover over them.

Below, Lindsey has a go at flying it.

Well, we know this is a close family, but they're not usually this close!

Ashleigh, Bethany, Jordan, Elyse and Lindsey.

It was great fun to watch the children open their gifts. Above left, Leslie and Judy are with Jordan, Bethany, Lindsey and Ashleigh. Above right, Caleb and Elyse camp out close by the Christmas tree.

Elyse enjoys helping to hand out gifts in between times of opening hers.

I don't know what precipitated this, but at one point all the kids pounced on Darla in the middle of the floor! All involved seemed to enjoy it.

Rod and Brenda very much enjoyed the occasion and being included in the family celebration. Rod did his best to stay on the back side of the camera.

Elyse sits with Mom as Darla opens her presents.

Elyse helps to hand out stockings for the family time. Jordan, Lindsey and Bethany with their stockings, and a view of the scene in the Moyle living room.

We didn't want to miss the opportunity to get a picture of all eight Moyle grandchildren while we had them together. Jessica Ringo is at back left with Ashleigh Nave in front of her. Front row left to right Bethany Moyle, Jordan Nave, Elyse Nave, Lindsey Moyle and Caleb Wells. Jonathan Ringo anchors the group at back right. It was great to see them all interact so well and play together.

Jordan, Ashley and Elyse with Grandma Brenda and Granddad Rod.

Ashleigh, Elyse and Jordan with both sets of grandparents, Dave and Judy Moyle and Brenda and Rod Nave.

It was good to be with the Moyle family for Christmas. L-R Jeff and Darla Nave, Debbie Ringo, Dave and Judy Moyle, Jeff and Leslie Moyle, Robby and Diane Wells.

Elyse's birthday

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