Awana Boys to Bent Tree

August 7, 2010

In the lazy, hazy days of summer we made a relaxed Awana trip to Bent Tree's Lake Tamarack with just two boys and their Dads. Logan Todd and Dad Mark and Joshua Kelley with Dad Scott went with Rod and Johnny. The first item of business was fishing from the dock.

We tried lures this time, and got a few bites. Above right, Johnny removes a catch of bottom weed from Logan's hook.

We decided to move over to the spillway side of the lake and got to watch a couple of grazing deer on the way.

After lunch everyone wanted to go to the pool below the waterfall.

Logan launches off the bank and I was able to get four exposures on the way down.

Johnny and Logan try a tandem jump from the bluff bank as Mark watches from the waterfall. Above, Logan and Mark cross the cool deep pool.

Rod makes the dive with Scott on camera. Pretty crazy for a 71-year-old man!

It was a beautiful day on Lake Tamarack. This is the view from the dam.

Scott Kelley, Mark Todd, Johnny Huffman in back with Joshua Kelley and Logan Todd in front.

As we were leaving Bent Tree, a couple of wild turkeys decided to take over the road.

The turkeys left the road and we eased forward, but they decided to come back out to the middle of the road. After all, they were here long before we were. And what do you expect from a bunch of turkeys?

Views of a butterfly called a Gulf fritillary

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