Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

August 15, 2010

The lantana bush that Aunt Dorothy gave us is already a blessing, but is doubly so when visited by a butterfly like this Gulf Fritillary. We don't see the Gul Fritillary so much around here, the swallowtails being much more numerous. But this was fine specimen that hung around long enough for some pictures.

The lantana flower heads make good landing pads, and must produce some sweet nectar, given the attention they get from the experts.

This was as brilliant a Gulf Fritillary as I have ever seen, and it was quite cooperative, flitting around to the different flower heads.

I had a good 10 minutes to photograph this beauty, which seemed like a long time with me snapping away. It is rare to get this kind of opportunity.

By contrast, this small butterfly hardly seems to have enough wingspan to fly. But it does quite well.

The arrival of the bright orange butterfly gave me a praise break. After scratching at things all morning, this ten minute break put me in awe. It is a reverie to just observe such gentle and delicate beauty. Praise the Lord!

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