New Orleans Family Trip

December 23, 2010

We joined Jeff and family, Jeff Moyle's family and Tom Ringo's family in New Orleans for City Park's Celebration in the Oaks. The major light show and the entertainment complex is under century old live oak trees in the Park.

The biggest joy to me was to see the fun that this group of cousins had together. They have grown up together and have such a sense of fun when they get together. In back are Jonathan Ringo, who is home for Christmas after his first term at Texas A&M, Ashleigh Nave, and Jessica Ringo. In fron are Elyse Nave, Bethany Moyle, Jordan Nave and Lindsey Moyle.

This is what I called the gaggle of girls. The six of them had a great time with each other. Bethany, Elyse, Jordan, Ashleigh, Lindsey and Jessica.

Jeff drove us into New Orleans and into the City Park under the old live oak trees with hanging Spanish moss.

We waited at the entrance for all the groups to arrive while the kids played around like a pack of pups.

There were angels and traditional Christmas lights, but also some dinosaur lights associated with the dinosaur theme rides.

They finally made it to the entrance, and Elyse and Lindsey mounted horses. Jeff and Darla were in the chariot behind them.

Jeff and Leslie were in the chariot behind Jeff and Darla.

Jordan and Bethany circled the whole carousel to pick out just the right horses. The pair of cousins seemed to enjoy the whole process, except for the standing in line of course.

Jessica and Ashleigh in front, Tom, Jonathan and Debbie behind, and then Jordan and Bethany a couple of stations back.

Of all the people on the carousel, Ashleigh was the only one trying to make a drawing while she was riding!

Christmas Day

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