Reasons to Believe Christmas Party

December 6, 2010

We gathered again at Pappadeaux off Mansell Road for our RTB Christmas party. The early arrivals are shown here, Brenda Nave, Pamela Phillips, Sandy Corley, Howard Deutsch, Bob Baldwin, Bruce Phillips, Paul Sholfield, Bruce Johnston, Ray Williams. Didn't get photos of later arrivals Angela and Jim Brannan, Delon Barfuss and Mark Tabladillo.

We had a brief period of picture taking before settling down for dinner. Howard takes a photo of Brenda and Pamel with Sandy looking on.

Then I got a picture of Brenda and Pamela and one of Paul and Butch.

Howard, Bruce and Paul on left, Sandy and Howard.

We had a pleasant meal and did a recap and celebration of last years programs. This group is always good at discussing things, so we made some plans for next year.

I was shooting pictures, but Butch was shooting back, and sent me this picture.

Wedding of Matt and Jan

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