Ft. Myers Sunset

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seeing the sand sculptures and the other activities of the day had been interesting, but it was with a sense of relief and peace that we went again to the water's edge across from the Tropical Sands as sunset approached.

There was a wonderful sense of peacefulness about the plovers as they calmly foraged along the edge of the ageless sea.

The feathers of this long-beaked friend took on a more golden hue in the low light of the evening.

From out on the sand spit I could get the late afternoon sun on this pelican which soared by between me and the beach.

Another pelican flies between me and the condos on the shore.

The ever-present plovers are very pleasant company on the beach.

How do you suppose these birds stay looking so clean when they spend their time tramping about in the sticky mud of the inner tidal zone?

This gray heron really blends in with his surroundings near sunset and early in the morning when he is fishing. Hmm! Maybe that's why he's gray.

Monday at Ft. Myers Beach

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