Sand Sculptures

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a mile north of where we were staying at the Tropical Sands they were having a major sand sculpting competition. The whole beach was covered with tents and a major crowd had gathered.

I was amazed at the detail and precision and artistry of the sand sculpture, and this was just part of the entrance gate!

This enterprising lady would sculpt your name in the foreground of a Christmas sand sculpture so that you could make your Christmas card photo here.

The crowd in the background is in the area of the competition sculptures.

This white-bearded sculptor had built a castle on the sand.

This female sculptor has sculpted a female form wrapped up in what appears to be a swan.

Maybe this hard-working sculptor's creation has something to do with the Wall Street protests?

This sculpture was named "Piggy Banker" and was awarded 1st place in the competition. We got this information from an online list of the winners

This sculpture was named "Open House".

A crown of some kind?

Not so hard to figure out what this one is.

Two people contemplating a large mechanical butterfly? Maybe this one was meant to be deeply philosophical.

This sculpture was titled "Specimen" and won 5th place in the judging.

This one is titled "Get the Ball Rolling".

It won 3rd place in the judging.

This sculpture titled "Protect Your Nuts" depicted squirrel warfare and was one of the most unique.

This one titled "Fall Creations" featured some of the most intricate work. It was different on all sides.

"Fall Creations" is worth another shot.

Holy cubes?

I was a bit shocked to find that this sculpture won 4th place until I looked at the online picture. I had seen only the back side of it. It's title was "Do You See What Eye See?"

How did he get that hair to stay in place?

This sculpture won 2nd place in the judging.

Didn't get to go to recess.

Realistic prone figure.

Huge tooth sculpture with figure in cavity.

Like a Greek god sculpture with river out mouth.

I think the squirrel sculpture drew the biggest crowds.

The butterfly sculpture was still to me the most intriguing.

The Ft. Myers Beach sculpture done by the lady doing the Christmas card backgrounds was pretty impressive.

As we were coming out from the sculpting competition area, we spent more time looking at the back side of the entrance sculpture, which was formed as a tribute to the armed forces. This also lets you see what a fabulous day we had to stroll around the beach.

The tribute sculpture had an impressive eagle head and insignia for the different branches of the military.

Brenda by the entrance sculpture as we exit the area. The eagle was on the back side of it.

Brenda poses with a pirate with a quite impressive costume.

All in all, it was an interesting experience to be a part of this huge crowd on Ft. Myers Beach.
We walked out to the road from the beach to watch part of a "Bikers for Babies" parade of some 1500 motorcycles of all descriptions. We understood it was a March of Dimes benefit.
These are definitely not some of the typical entries, but show some of the extremes.

Ft. Myers Sunset

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