Christmas Day at the Moyle's

December 25, 2014

Christmas morning brunch is a joyous tradition at the Moyle home. Judy, Brenda and Jeff are busy with the great food for the brunch while the children gather around the home. Josiah and Caleb are on the carpet with some of their Christmas presents, Bethany and Jordan get together, and Elyse is putting presents around the tree.

We had great fun with the youngest grandchild, Josiah. He grabbed Jeff by the leg, and Jeff went down like he had been tackled, to Josiah's delight. Then he got into a chase with Elyse, with Elyse staying just out of reach.

When Josiah does catch up with Elyse, he does some of his martial arts moves, and Jeff caught it on video. The mock combatants remained the best of friends.

One of the more dramatic sequences was when Jeff brought out a large plain box for Lindsey.

The box was thoroughly taped and slightly bulging, so Lindsey has to work to get it open.

But the effort was worth it as the head of a large bear began to emerge!

It was an enormous teddy bear that Lindsey pulled out of that bulging box!

A good time was had by all, and with all those cameras, most things were photographed by at least somebody.

We had greatly enjoyed the special Christmas brunch and the opening of gifts from around the Christmas tree, so it was almost when we got around to the traditional giving of the Christmas stockings.

Jordan delivers a stocking to Robby with Caleb observing.

Josiah, Bethany and Ashleigh examine little wrapped gifts that were in their stockings.

It was an active living room with stockings all around and everyone enjoying seeing what they got and what others got in their stockings.

After the giving of stockings, the cousins got together in the dining room for a game. So with Jonathan Ringo, Caleb Wells, Bethany Moyle and Jordan and Elyse Nave, you had cousins from all four families.

A gathering to watch part of a football game on TV.

One of the treasures of the gathering was to see the genuine affection between this large group of cousins. From a football game, to explorations outside, to inside games, they enjoyed each other's company.

Judy, Darla and Diane laugh about the sharing of cute Christmas ornaments.

We always like to get the group of grandchildren together. It is interesting to see how much they have grown and changed since last year, and then backward to 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009. Back row, Jonathan Ringo, Ashleigh Nave, Jordan Nave, Lindsey Moyle. Middle: Caleb Wells, Bethany Moyle, Jessica Ringo. Front: Josiah Wells, Elyse Nave.

Jonathan Ringo and Josiah Wells are the oldest and youngest of the grandchildren.

Continuing family visit in Pearl River

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