Ga Tech BSU Alumni Gathering at Hiawassee

October 21-23, 2016

These are some casual shots from the Ga Tech BSU Alumni gathering in mostly chronological order as people arrived and gathered in groups for fellowship.

We enjoyed gathering again at Lake Chatuge Lodge. After some fellowship in the afternoon, we gathered at the Chophouse Restaurant at the bottom of the hill for dinner and then continued the fellowship in our usual third floor gathering room.

At about 5pm we got to meet Dock Hollingsworth, the pastor of 2nd Ponce de Leon Baptist. From left, Aubrey Bush, Dock, Ann Wallace, Henry Fields and Frank Gudger. Mike Wallace is hidden.

Ann and Mike Wallace, Brenda Nave. Andy Blake has arrived and is in background in kitchen.

Carol Bush, Nancy Bonds, Alice Blake, Babs Gudger, Betty Fields, Brenda Nave.

We had the view of the lake out the big windows and from the deck, so we could watch the shadows lengthen over the lake.

Wynelle Middlebrooks, Betty and Henry Fields, Dock Hollingsworth, Charlie Middlebrooks. The kitchen was a popular gathering place.

After dinner at the Chophouse, we gathered back at the lodge for more fellowship. Susan and Dewey Burdine & Bill and Jean Arrants.

Andy Blake, Charlie Middlebrooks, and clockwise from left June Matzner, Babs Gudger, Carol Bush, Wynelle Middlebrooks, Alice Blake, Betty Fields. The kitchen was again a popular gathering place, this time partly because of the goodies.

Nancy and John Baxley with Aubrey Bush. In background Dick Whisnant, Rudy and June Matzner.

Dewey Burdine, Bill Arrants, Andy and Alice Blake, June Matzner, Nancy Baxley, Betty Fields. In background Susan Burdine, Jean Arrants and JoAnn Splawn.

Jim Splawn and Frank Gudger in back, Henry Fields and Dick Whisnant. The conversations continued until about 9:30pm after dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fellowship greatly.

Saturday, October 22

We had breakfast at the Chatuge Lodge and afterward had our more formal gathering. After that we had a time of fellowship in that room.

Susan and Dewey Burdine & Brenda Nave. We were pleased to meet the Burdines. His sister Linda Stearns is a long time friend of ours at Mableton First Baptist and we remember well their Mother who was a member of the church when we joined.

Carol McKinney, Brenda and Rod Nave, June Matzner, Walt McKinney, Dewey and Susan Burdine.

Alice Blake, Betty Fields, Babs Gudger, Brenda Nave, Nancy Bonds

Charlie Middlebrooks, Jim Green, Rod Nave, Frank Gudger, John Baxley. We went back up to our 3rd floor meeting room and spent a good part of the day there.

It was good to see Laddie Rollins and Norman Petty, shown here with John Baxley.

Becky Rollins, Nancy Bonds and Barbara Petty.

John Baxley, Norman Petty, Laddie Rollins and Sam Shelton.

Brenda Nave, Barbara Petty, Nancy Baxley, Becky Rollins, Nancy Bonds, Sam Shelton. The afternoon was a great time for conversations.

During our time of fellowship, the lake was putting on a show right outside our window with interesting cloud formations.

Nancy and John Baxley, Frank and Babs Gudger, Brenda Nave. After a wonderful time of fellowship in our meeting room, we went out to dinner together with probably twenty of us. Some of us stayed overnight and had breakfast and further fellowship the next morning before heading our separate ways. But we will get together again, as we have done for over fifty years. Thanks to Frank and Babs for their work to make it happen.

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