Visit from Jeff and family

Tuesday February 8, 2005

Tuesday was the last day of the February visit with Jeff and Darla and the girls.

Rod had to go in for his morning class, but made it back before Jeff and family had to leave. One more time to hold little Elyse, who seemed quite content with the whole process.

Mark walked up to see the folks off and Jordan and Ashleigh were delighted to see him. He wound up carrying both of them, besides juggling his coffee cup.

Rod joined them with Elyse, a much lighter and less wiggly load. In fact he had managed to put her back to sleep again.

Ashleigh and Jordan love to play in Rod's pickup, so Mark joins them there with Elyse.

Ashleigh and Jordan ham it up with Uncle Mark, but Elyse just takes it easy.

One final round of holding Elyse and we let Jeff and Darla and the girls get on the road back to Pearl River, Louisiana. Then we start planning for the next time we get to see them.

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