Jeff and Family Visit

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Preparation is being made for the traditional trip to the Bear Store. We save our change to finance this trip on their visits.
Rod and Jeff went to Mark's shop to see if they could help out since he was working on two large projects with a tight time line. Also, we just wanted to spend some time in his shop. We were commissioned to make 4-inch bore cannons for the side of the pirate ship. We went out to a plumbing supply house and found some fittings that would fit over 4" pipe and allow us to give the end of the cannon a heavy metal look. Jeff turned down these fittings on the lathe.
Then we were put on the job of finishing out the planking around the bow of the ship. Mark rips luan for the straight pieces, but for the curved bow planks, we had to make a paper pattern and cut them out with a sabre saw.
Matt and Mark install the cannons and prepare to test fire them.
With a black paint job, our turned-down pvc cannons look pretty realistic. Mark test fires one of them with a CO2 fire extinguisher. May 30.
Matt test fires one of the cannons. Pretty impressive blast.
Our next commission was to make some old-looking wood pulleys for the ship.
We couldn't find any large round stock, so we went out in the woods with a chain saw and cut some pieces of dead, dry oak. This turned out to be an interesting project and produced some really unique-looking pulleys. May 31.
We pulled off the pulley project at noon so that Jeff and Darla could take the kids to Six Flags for the afternoon. We got to spend some relaxed time with the girls on Thursday night. It is pleasing to see that one of their favorite things is reading.

Jeff and family prepare to return to Pearl River. Mark came out for a few minutes, after working all night on his projects, so we gathered for a family picture with Nemo, a much smaller boat he had built for a previous movie project. June 1.

VBS at First Baptist Mableton

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