Dr. Alva Hamblin Letton

May 23, 1916 - January 13, 2010

Brenda was able to attend the memorial service for Dr. A. H. Letton on January 23 and talked with his family and many in the medical profession who knew and honored him. We have particular reason to honor him because he was the one who diagnosed breast cancer in Brenda in 1977 and did the surgery to remove it. It is certainly appropriate for us to honor the physician that we could point to and say "he saved her life"!

In honoring Dr. Letton, I think it is appropriate to quote what I wrote at that time:

"The story that came to us later from the operating room was a very touching human story. After doing the initial incision, they waited for an initial pathology report. We were told that Dr. Letton, seeing the report, said "It wasn't supposed to be this!" and sat down and cried. Everyone at the hospital knew Brenda, and all felt it deeply, but it was very touching to us to have a surgeon who so deeply felt for the welfare of his patients."

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