Bent Tree Ice Falls

January 15, 2010

After our snow of January 8, we had one of the coldest weeks in several years in the Atlanta area. When we went up to Bent Tree in preparation for the Awana overnight, we had hoped to get to see the ice falls above Chestnut Cove Trail.

When we reached Bent Tree, the pond at the foot of Bent Tree Drive was frozen over, the first time we have seen that in many years. The roads were clear up to the house, but our driveway was still completely covered with snow. We had to park on the road and cary things up the driveway. Later I was able to remove enough snow to get the vehicles up.

After settling in at the house, I walked down the road to where it turns right steeply down the hill. I went left up the steep draw and after 50 or 100 yards I could see the ice falls above me so it was clear that it was worth the climb up.

The lower part of the view at right is the location where we usually see the ice falls. The fact there were several other ice formations above it showed that there was more ice than we have seen for several years.

This is the east end of the ice formations.

Viewing the west end of the ice formations, I was almost looking into the sun. It was a little after 5pm and approaching sunset.

Near the center of the formations was a rock overhang, so the tall icicles formed a couple of ice caves.

The formation icicles at left stands about ten feet high.

At right are pencil-thin icicles, the longest being about 18" long. Water drips off of them.

Clear water droplets off the ends of the icicles.

Curtain of ice backlit by the late afternoon sun. Suspended from t he overhanging rock, it forms the wall of an ice cave.

These are the dome-like ice formations above the ice falls location. Only at the one location we call the ice falls to the long icicles and curtains of ice form.

This massive ice formation accumulated on the west end of the ice falls.

Awana boys overnight

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