Ga Tech BSU Alumni Luncheon

January 22, 2011

The Georgia Tech BSU Alumni gathered at Mary Mac's Tea Room on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta. Even waiting in the crowded lobby, the animated conversations began in this fellowship which we have valued for so long. In the left picture above Babs and Frank Gudger, Aubrey Bush and Charles Griffin. Upper right Carl Shaw, Otis Blake, Henry Fields, Betty Fields, Merle Griffin, Barbara Petty. Lower right Henry Fields, Sue and Warren Woolf, Betty Fields, Carl Shaw, Barbara Petty and Nancy Bonds.

The joy of fellowship is evident at this table at Mary Mac's. Henry Fields, Leland Strange greeting Warren and Sue Woolf, Betty Fields, Brenda Nave, Betty Hammonds.

Around the long table at bottom right above are Carol and Aubrey Bush, Otis Blake, Barbara Petty, Nancy Bonds, Norman Petty, Laddie Rollins, Charles and Merle Griffin, Gayle and Carl Shaw. In the smaller images clockwise are Babs Gudger, Otis Blake, Mary and Jim Tanner, Barbara Petty, Nancy Bonds, Laddie Rollins, Charles and Merle Griffin, Gayle and Carl Shaw.

Norman Petty and Laddie Rollins in conversation at the far end of the table.

Leland Strange comes over for a visit and talks with Nancy Bonds, Norman Petty and Laddie Rollins.

Leland Strange, Henry Fields, Warren and Sue Woolf, Betty Fields. Praise the Lord for a fellowship like this which has now happened for about 50 years! With the current age of this group, there was a lot of talk about grandchildren and the sharing of pictures.

Thanks to Frank and Babs Gudger for arranging this great gathering.

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