Bryan's Graduation from Medical School

May 16, 2015

Dr. William Bryan Lassiter receives his diploma from the University of Arkansas Medical School in Little Rock.

We drove down to Little Rock after a few days visit in Newport and joined a large family group at Corky's for lunch before the graduation. Bryan and Mary with their parents, Bobby and Suzanne Lassiter and Daryl and Dubby Waggoner. We had enjoyed visiting this week with Bobby and Suzanne.
We were pleased to meet Mary's parents for the first time and enjoyed talking with them about their farm and experience in raising Charolais cattle. We enjoyed swapping farm stories, especially those of Mary growing up on the farm. I had made use (with permission) of several of Dubby's photos of rainbows in HyperPhysics.

On the other side of the table were Brent, Mandy, Garrett and Eli.

We had time to sit and talk for a while.

Outside the restaurant we continued the conversation.

Bobby, Suzanne with Bryan hidden, Brenda, Brent, Garrett, Eli, Mandy, Dubby and Mary.

We drove to the huge Verizon arena early and picked seats above the section where the medical students were to sit. Mandy and Brent hold down one end of a full row which will be filled by the family when all arrive.

Mary arrives with the coat Bryan will wear when he is commissioned as a Captain in the Army in a ceremony after the graduation. Eli, Garrett and Brent poke on their phones as they hold down the row of seats.

The ceremony begins with the processional of the faculty in their academic robes and the seating of the faculty on the stage.

As the student processional began, we watched carefully for Bryan and finally caught sight of him.

Bryan stands with his row among over 900 students in this huge arena.

Bryan and fellow candidates clap for their classmates until it is time for him to march across and get his own diploma.

This marks the completion of the very intense and demanding medical school curriculum, so we were very proud of him.

After the graduation, we all made our way down to the floor of the arena to witness the awarding to Bryan the rank of Captain in the Army. Here he is taking the oath of office.

Mary pins on his Captain's bars.

Mary and Bryan with new Captain's bars in place.

A proud time for all of us!

It's time to celebrate with families. Mary and Bryan with Bryan's family: Bobby and Suzanne Lassiter and Brent Lassiter.

Mary and Bryan with Mary's parents, Daryl and Dubby Waggoner.

Bryan with Grandmother Lassiter.

Bryan with brother Brent.

Bryan with nephews Eli and Garrett Lassiter.

Bryan with aunts and uncle, Bob's two sisters.

Bryan with proud Mom Suzanne.

Mandy Lassiter and Mary Lassiter. We keep telling Bob and Suzanne how blessed they are to have two wonderful daughters-in-law.

Bryan has signed on the dotted line for his military obligation and poses with two military colleagues Lock and Harris.

Bryan with great-uncle and aunt, Rod and Brenda Nave.

Celebrating Dorothy's birthday

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