Winter events


On a slightly snowy Tuesday, February 24 we had to bid a sad farewell to the little white Toyota that had served us for so many years. Brenda's Mother bought the little car in 1991 and we bought it from her in 1994. It had served 24 years and had 254,077 miles. With a cracked cylinder and water in the engine, we donated it to the Veterans organization.

Adding to our fond memories of the incredibly dependable little car is the story of its demise. In downtown Atlanta at Georgia State University for my class on Thursday, February 19, I got into it to come home. When I cranked it, it vibrated badly and I was worried about whether it would get me home. It ran roughly and vibrated badly all the way to the I-20 expressway, and then suddenly ran smoothly and got me home without incident. But it was clear that I needed to check it, so I drove the pickup to the University on Friday. When I got home, I drove it approximately 3 miles to Agape Automotive and again it ran roughly, vibrating badly, but got me there to park it by the shop. It never ran again - when they tried to crank it, it wouldn't even turn over. With water in the cylinders and oil that looked like milkshake to them, Robert informed me that it was "hydrolocked" and the engine was done. I had to feel that the Lord had taken care of me - and the little car had made a valiant last stand. It brought me safely home and delivered me to the shop and died. Salutations to a valiant little automobile.

Philippe and Mary Sue had a winter wonderland of snow at their house in Cleveland Tennessee. About February 25. We didn't get much snow in Atlanta, but it cost Rod two days of class with University closures. North Georgia got a good bit of snow, and up into Tennessee they got beautiful snowfalls like this one.

Philippe celebrates the occasion with a warm fire and roasting marshmallows.

Shirley also had snow in Little Rock, closing schools. We understand the above photo to be her back yard. Jeff and others from the Seminary made a trip to Arkadelphia during the snow for their annual meeting there.

We had a Sunday afternoon Sunday School social at the Varsity, Town Center on March 1. This was the second time we have done this, and again it was very enjoyable and well-attended. Clockwise around the table are Brigette Lolley, Robin Ford, Janet Vineyard, Vicki Baker, Joe Baker, Rod Nave, John Ford, Keith Lolley, Keith Weaver, Al Vineyard(hidden), Chris Ayers, Karla Ayers, Betsy Weaver, Brenda Nave and Kim Krebs. Thanks to Kim for getting someone to take the picture and for sending it to us.
On March 10 we got a visit from this large red-tailed hawk in the back yard. I've been feeding the birds regularly through the cold weather, so this red-tail and I'm sure others are seeking lunch on the birds that come to the feeders. This is the first time I've gotten this close to a red-tail since 2008.

We have heard the owl a lot at night and in early morning, but haven't seen him like we did last year.

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