Spring in Pearl River

April, 2016

April 18

Elyse plays the lion in a school play at Riverside Elementary.

April 19

Surprise 18th birthday celebration for Ashleigh

As we understood it, they had a family birthday celebration earlier for the family members who had birthdays around March (Ashleigh's birthday is March 23). But then they had a surprise birthday celebration for just Ashleigh later to especially recognize her 18th birthday.

April 26

We were pleased that both Darla and Judy let us know when Elyse was featured on the website of St. Tamany Parish schools.

We were proud of her responses to the interview, and particularly proud of her statement "I also encourage my friends in the things that they do." She had been very apprehensive about going to a new school next year, and we had talked to her about using her anxiety to realize that other new students would also be nervous. Then she could be especially friendly and helpful to other students as they settled in to a new school.

We were also very proud of the distinction of having the highest Accelerated Reading points in the school - wow! If you can read, you can learn anything!

And, hey! Granddad was proud of the 1st place in the half mile run. He ran the half mile in high school track about 60 years ago!

April 25

Ashleigh studying for her calculus exam.

April 26

Ashleigh awarded Tulane Legislative Scholarship

At left above, Ashleigh is recognized by Principal Mike Winkler as Pearl River High Student of the Year. At right, she receives the Tulane Legislative Scholarship from State Representative Greg Cromer.

These are pictures from the Awards Day at Pearl River High School. I don't have all this straight yet, but at left above is Jordan with three awards. Jordan was selected to attend Louisiana Girls State, received the Honesty & Integrity Award from Ocean Orleans Lodge #144, and received the Principal's Award. In center Ashleigh with Grammy Judy and an armload of awards. She received the U.S. Army Reserve Athlete Award, the President's Education Award, Wendy's High School Heisman Award, Outstanding Academic Subject award, dual for English and Science, the English 4 Regional Literary Rally Award, the Talented Art award, and the Principal's Award.

Ashleigh and Jordan celebrating their athletic awards.

Enjoying the birds from the breakfast table

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