Backyard Life

April 18, 2017

The squirrel activity is a given in the backyard life. They attract Marty's cats, which are ever hopeful.

A bluebird pair starts visiting our bluebird house, raising our hopes that we might have a nesting pair this year.

We heard the towhees for a week before we actually saw one.

This is a common pose for the red bellied sapsucker on the oak tree in the backyard. We know he likes peanuts, but he seldom works up the nerve to come get some.

A bluejay has been a regular visitor, and he is quite bold about getting either peanuts or suet.

As smaller citizens, the downy woodpecker and the sparrow await their opportunities.

The redhead is finally bold enough to come to the window feeder for peanuts with us watching.

He carries his prize up to a high limb to eat it. April 20
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