Powderpuff Game, Pearl River High

Monday, May 1

We made the drive to Pearl River in time to attend Jordan's "Powder Puff Game" in which the girls of the different classes at Pearl River High School compete against each other in a flag football game. It is a big tradition there in which they have special uniforms and involve the guys' football players as coaches. Jordan and Kylea Milton were the captains for the senior's team. Jordan, Kylea and Allison Mims pose in the backyard.

The seniors take the field against the freshmen after the juniors had defeated the sophmores.

Jordan as quarterback hands off to a member of her backfield. It's flag football, but it got pretty rough.

Jordan hands off for a run around right end.

Jordan takes the snap at right and looks for a target, but then decides to run the ball. She drew hot pursuit!
A short time later, Jordan scores a touchdown for the seniors team. Jordan and teammate on defense at right.

Back on offense again, Jordan takes the snap from the center.

Jordan makes the handoff, and then they form a wall for the runner to get her around the left end.

This time, Jordan takes the snap and runs the ball around the right end.

Jordan streaks toward the goal line, but this being flag football, she gets stripped of the flags just before she crosses the line.

At right, Jordan carries the ball around right end, but there runs into a big crowd.

Back on defense, Jordan plays the safety position.

Jordan now takes the snap for the most dramatic play of the day for the seniors. Jordan threw a short pass to one of her backfield and then took off down the field.

Her teammate threw a beautiful high pass and she was in the clear when she received it. She took off down the field with the ball with everyone in pursuit.

Jordan sprinted down the field and no one got close to her.

From about midfield, she widened the gap as she raced down the field.

At the goal line she made a leap over the line as the touchdown sign was raised on the sidelines.

Victorious in their first game against the freshmen, they got a team picture made along with all the guys who had red, white and blue paintings and costumes.

The seniors now take on the juniors and run into some stiff competition.

Victoria, a member of their soccer team, makes a strong run for the juniors.

Brittany was one of the fine runners on the junior squad.

Here comes Victoria again! The seniors spent a lot of time chasing these junior runners.

With only a minute or two left in the game and down by 14 points, the seniors reckoned that it was time for fun and games. This play was more rugby-like, with a pack surrounding the runner to protect the flag.

Jordan got in one more good run against the junior team.

In this run by Jordan, both her grandmothers are seen in the stand just over the middle player's arm.

In the final seconds of a lost game, what do you do? Jordan took the snap from center in the normal way ...

...but then turns and runs the wrong way!

... and keeps running the wrong way all the way to the wrong end of the field! With the final seconds ticking off the clock! Joined by some teammates, they played keep-away coming back up the field. This is the way the Powder Puff Game ended.

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