The Bright Angel Trail

The remarkable collection of switchbacks called the Bright Angel Trail descends from Grand Canyon Village on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. August 7, 1982.

Rod and Jeff hiked down the Bright Angel Trail about three miles to the Big-Z point. August 7, 1982.

Jeff at Top of Bright Angel Trail

August 7, 1982.

The Big Z

This shows the stretching out of the Bright Angel Trail as seen from Maricopa Point. Jeff and Rod hiked down 3 miles to the intersection which appears like a big Z on the trail. Note the thundershowers across the canyon. This was taken on the afternoon of August 5, 1982.

Jeff & mules on trail
Two-toned squirrel
back to Yavapai sunrise
Jeff & mules on trail

Trip Day 7
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