The year 1968 was a year of great change. We had just arrived back into the country from Wales in mid-December. In January, Rod started his position as Assistant Professor of Physics at Georgia State University. We started the year living in a small one-bedroom apartment which was a part of Gladys Bishop's house. Jeff was born on May 8 and spent his first three months with us in that tiny apartment. We bought two lots and developed building plans, but decided there was better value in purchasing a house. In August we purchased the house at 1507 Moody Lane, Austell, Georgia. Brenda stayed very busy with a new baby and a new house. Below are links to some images of that year.

We enjoyed being back to see the flowers of spring in Georgia. Brenda enjoyed the flowers at Callaway in the late stages of her pregnancy.
  • Baby shower for Brenda at Bobbie's
  • Brenda at apartment, later stages of pregnancy
  • Jeff was born on May 8, 1968. Brenda brought him home on Mother's Day, the 12th of May.
  • Rod and Jeff napping.
  • Jeff at three weeks.
  • Rod and Jeff asleep
  • An interesting double exposure
  • Jeff visits Brenda's family
  • At four and five weeks, Jeff is getting more sturdy and enjoys being played with and seems to enjoy being taken outside.
  • Jeff on Brenda's lap at four weeks
  • Brenda with Jeff outside
  • Brenda with Jeff at five weeks
  • In August we made our first trip to Newport, Arkansas with Jeff to see his Grandmother Naomi Nave and the Nave family around Newport. Jeff is about eleven weeks old.
  • Jeff's first visit with Grandmother Nave
  • Jeff at four months
  • Christmas in Arkansas
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