William Albert Owsley and Susie E. Speer


Willam A. Owsley and Susie E. Speer the year before their marriage in 1896. The recorded date for the picture of Susie is Dec 21, 1895. W. A. Owsley was born on Oct 6, 1861. The date of 1895 for his picture is a guess.

W. A. Owsley looks very dapper above, but his appearance at left is probably more typical since he was a blacksmith. He had his shop out behind the house.

W. A. Owsley is shoeing a horse in front of his shop. Notice the sign with the Owsley name. We are guessing that the date of these photos is about 1895. This is a picture of what transportation was like in those days - all kinds of horse-drawn rigs.


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