In Remembrance of Carl Nave

August 12, 1900 - August 12, 1965

On August 5, we received word from Faye that Dad was very ill and that they suspected cancer. We made the trip from Atlanta to Searcy, Arkansas on August 7. A biopsy showed malignancy in the liver and x-rays indicated general spreading. He was in pain but alert when we got there and we stayed until Tuesday night. I remember it as a good visit and we were able to talk a good bit and feel at peace with one another. I really don't remember all the details, but Brenda and I decided to just make a gift of $50 cash to him - I guess just to get anything he felt like he needed or wanted. I remember being surprised at his response - he broke down in tears, and so did I. I don't know why it touched him like that - I guess he knew we didn't have much money - it had been a stretch to buy gasoline to get there. But I think of that gift as sort of breaking down any last barriers their might have been for us to be at peace with one another. So I treasure the fact that Brenda and I could make that trip and have that time with him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dad. It was taken by Edgar in 1955 and copied from the Ektachrome slide that he had.

The doctor had informed Dad of his condition on Monday. His response to the doctor was "Then that means I've just got so long to be here." He took it with equanimity and seemed to be doing well when we left Tuesday to go up to Newport to visit with Mother.

On Wednesday he had a turn for the worse and went into a coma Wednesday afternoon from which he was not to recover. Faye called us back to Searcy from Newport at 1 AM and we stayed up with them, knowing the end was near. We took Dad to the hospital about 9:30 and he passed away quietly about 11:00 on August 12, his 65th birthday. He was buried Saturday, August 14 in the cemetery of the Honey Hill Christian Union Church where Faye and he attended.

We think often of the fact that he was born, married and died on August 12:

  • Born August 12, 1900
  • Married August 12, 1920
  • Died August 12, 1965
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