Fall Activities

Determined to show the colors early, Rod put his old Georgia Tech Rat hat on Mark. Hmm! He's going to have to grow into it. September 16.

How is a fellow supposed to drink his morning coffee when this little rascal has a grip on it?

Mark was now mobile enough that the playpen sometimes seemed like a good idea to give us a break from watching him every minute. October 17.

Not just more active. More vocal too! But they were generally happy vocalizations, and he was zipping around in his little jump-chair.

Mark continues to grow. He's camped out on the couch because we had to put braces on his feet to straighten them.

Jeff and Mark on the couch on October 28.

It really doesn't take much to make a little boy happy. The bowl from the cake batter will do it! The plastic apron helps keep Mom a little happier in the process. October 31.

By December Mark was sitting strongly and able to go anywhere he wanted to go - able, but not necessarily permitted mind you. Both boys were sturdy and active. December 6

Mark and Jeff in the recliner chair in the den. Once they began climbing, this chair became a favorite place.

The laundry hamper is as good a playpen as any! December 10.

Jeff with construction blocks in the den floor. December 13.

Rod with Mark in front of the fire. December 14.

Jeff and Mark with toy train on December 21.

To Christmas eve at Sherry's

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