Jeff's First Scout Court of Honor

July 17, 1979

Jeff seems pleased to have made the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and is ready for his first Court of Honor. We held the Courts of Honor to present merit badges and other advancements. They were held at Henry Branton's scout circle in the woods by his house off Songwood Drive.

Jeff and Wesley Kennemore put up the Troop 531 flag at the beginning of the Court of Honor. Scott Hardeman and Mark Martin put up the American flag.

Jeff receiving Scout merit badges from Scoutmaster David Martin. Cliff McMahan gets the badges from the table, and Frank Bomar and Mike McMahan participate in the ceremony.

The family is involved in the ceremony of inducting a boy into Boy Scouts. Rod, Brenda and Mark join in as Jeff receives his Scout badge, signifying formally that he has become a Boy Scout. Besides the ones named above, Marty Martin joins this ceremony. Jeff stands on the concrete circle to be inducted into the Scouts.

Rod's 40th Birthday

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