Hawaii Trip on our 25th Anniversary

June 7-14, 1987

Western Kauai

We started the day with a feeling of blessing as God produced a beautiful rainbow for us. After our tour of the eastern shore of Kauai yesterday, we headed for Waimea and the western side.

We drove through Waimea and up on the mountain road behind it. To the west we could see the shadowy form of the island of Niihau in the distance. At the extreme left of this picture is the coconut grove where Rod gathered over a hundred coconuts for Vacation Bible School crafts. We still have one of those cocunut projects at home.

Brenda walks across the grounds of the camp in the mountains where we had our missions camp for the children from the Waimea area. Rod drove the old Volkswagen bus that transported them, and had the opportunity to take them to the top to look down over the Kalalau Valley.
The Kalalau valley is the most magical of all the places in Hawaii in my memory, and I had hoped for a clear day at the Kalalau Lookout to show it to Brenda, but it was not to be. It still seemed magical, with the cascading streams in the mist from the mountainside.

The great expanse of the Kalalau Valley, stretching to the sea in the distance was somehow muted by the mist. The breathtaking beauty of this valley as I saw it in the summer of 1959 is one of the most memorable sights of my life.

We did catch a glimpse of the brilliant red honeycreeper as it flew from an equally red flower. The soft misty view of the cascading waterfalls lent a reverence to the place.

These orange flowers gave a splash of color to the subdued misty valley.

We stopped by the Waimea Canyon on the way back down the mountain. Lots of the residents think this is the most spectacular feature of the island, but we think they have just gotten used to the beauty of the sea, mountains and waterfalls, which we found much more spectacular.

The Waimea Canyon was another memory spot for Rod. It was close to the town of Waimea where he worked with the Waimea Baptist Church for two weeks.

Above is the view down on the town of Waimea from high on the road to Waimea Canyon. I could pick out the Waimea Baptist Church as I stood there, but it is hard to pock out in the photo.

At right is the Waimea Baptist Church where Rod and Elsie Honeycutt worked for a couple of weeks with Vacation Bible School. We stayed at the house of the pastor, Richard Uejo, while working there. That was quite an enlightening experience.

One of the most memorable things about the Waimea Church was that we were told it was built entirely from Lottie Moon Offering funds. That gave me a concrete example of what our mission offerings do.

I wasn't really equipped for good closeup pictures, but I couldn't resist trying with the enormous variety of flowering shrubs and trees. At left above is some variety of plumeria I believe, and abpve right is the hibiscus. At right is the bougainvilla, which we saw in enormous shrubs, lining streets.

We flew back to Honolulu and then were headed home, looking back at Honolulu and the island of Oahu in the view above.

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